What's new in version 2.1?

- Added option to select the XHTML version of <br>, namely <br />
- Added option to make the converted code into a "complete" HTML page by adding <html> and <body> tags.

What is it?

sHTMLc - screen shot sHTMLc (show HTML code) is meant for those who write HTML tutorials published on the Internet and therefore have to present HTML code to the reader. This means that some code must be changed in order to show correctly. sHTMLc converts the code you copy to the clipboard.


If you want to show this HTML code:

<img src="graphics/with_cat.gif" width=75 height=75 alt="Me & my cat">

you can't just use that code (that would put a picture on the page), you have to change some characters (code pieces), making it look like this:

&lt;img src=&quot;graphics/with_cat.gif&quot; width=75 height=75 alt=&quot;Me &amp; my cat&quot;&gt;

Now it will show up correctly on the page.

What does it do?

sHTMLc converts certain HTML code pieces to special characters:

HTML code   Special characters

   <    &lt;
> &gt;
" &quot;
& &amp;

It also converts carriage returns to <br> or <br />.

How do I use it?

How to install

Just unzip the zip-file in an empty folder.

How to uninstall

Delete shtmlc.exe, shtmlc.hlp, shtmlc.cnt, shtmlc.ini and the folder. sHTMLc doesn't use the registry at all.


Download sHTMLc v2.1 (150 kb including a help file)

Made with

Borland Delphi 4 Pro on Windows2000 and WindowsXP

Updated June 3, 2003